New relationships are always so exciting! The first kiss, reading sweet text messages, and the flutters in your stomach are signs of a relationships novelty; however, as time passes by, it can be hard to match those initial feelings as the relationship matures. An important area for couples to pay attention to is their sex life.

Why? Because the longer you’re together, the greater the possibility it may begin to feel stale. When these feelings start to emerge, it just means that you have to work harder to keep the excitement both in and out of the bedroom.

A healthy sex life is important for a couple’s relationship.

Having fun in the bedroom can bring you closer together, and it’s an opportunity to create new experiences. These new experiences turn the bedroom into a safe haven for you and your partner to discuss about what is working in your sex life and what isn’t without being offensive or hurtful. Having those discussions is what breaks down the barriers of communication to create a healthy sex life.

A fun topic of conversation to bring up to your partner is about the introduction of new positions that can be interesting to try. Discussing topics like these will show that you’re making an effort to enhance your relationship’s sex life. Keep in mind, some of the positions require more agility and flexibility than others, but there are many to suit all shapes and sizes!

What do have to lose? Nothing…

you’ve only got pleasure to gain!

Here is a list of positions from the guys at Carvaka highlighting a few you could try out with a partner and will add a whole new dimension to your horizontal mambo.