One of the biggest investment you can make is in improving your dating life. Yes, it’s an investment! Lots of time, energy, thoughts, feelings and money go into finding love.

But, are you getting a positive return on your investment?

It’s a good question to ask yourself… If you’re experiencing loneliness, frustration, or confusion then the answer is probably a resounding “No.” Just like with your money, it’s important to invest your effort in the right places for your “dating bank account” to grow. Before pointing out the right places to invest, let’s make sure you understand how you’re currently doing it so you can be more savvy with your resources in the future:

Your Top 3 Dating Investments Today:

1. Time 

This is the great equalizer because you only get 24 hours a day and no one on the planet can buy more time… use it wisely. Have you ever calculated how much time you spend going out to bars, clubs and parties to hopefully meet someone interesting? Your time is the most precious resource you could ever invest; guard it because it’s the only thing you truly own. How about the time you spend shopping for outfits and getting ready to go out for the evening -it’s an investment of time. And here’s another use of your time that’s probably slipping by you…the time spent complaining about your dating life 😒.

2. Energy

Going on dates that don’t work out the way you hoped requires an investment of energy. Everything from arranging the date to ending the evening on a positive note is energy spent that could possibly never get back. Conserve your energy. Not everyone deserves yours. Another form of energy you invest is the feelings and emotions experienced when dating someone (or not) – sadness, anger, excitement, confusion, anxiety, doubt, wonder – all of them are also an investment. 

3. Money

Whenever we consume our time and energy, then we most likely also use money in the process. You invest your money in clothes to highlight your curves, and you invest money in buying drinks for yourself, possibly your friends and possibly your (cheap) date 😜. Money, just like time, is one of our two most precious assets. You work hard for it. Conserve it. Throwing away money has been likened to giving away your power. Think about THAT the next time you’re spending a little too freely on others.

All of these investments add up over time, and if you aren’t in a happy relationship yet, it’s time to shake things up.

If You’re A Single Who:

      Is successful and looking for love

      Has been divorced or single for a while

      Has a fear that your clock is ticking

      Had a really bad dating experience and now you’re jaded

      Can’t hold a relationship for more than 2 to 6 months

Here’s Where To Invest Your Money Instead of Throwing It Away On More Sucky Dates…

Consider investing in a dating coach or matchmaker. Your coach becomes your personal love trainer focused on helping you get clarity on where to spend your time and energy correctly while you navigate the dating scene.

A dating coach will…

      Give you tools to approach the RIGHT person and flirt confidently

      Help you rebuild your self-esteem after a bad dating experience

–       Increase your dating skills for predictable success

–       And so much more…


I know you’ve already paid dearly with your time and money in search of what you want, and you’ll continue to do so until you decide to do something different. 

Just like with any worthwhile endeavor, you can continue to go at it alone and struggle to find the loving relationship you desire, or you can ask for help from a passionate professional that helps singles like you for a living.

Just like professional sports coaches do, a dating coach or matchmaker will help you find your blind spot and gently guide you toward your desired destination. This is a great way to skip all the heartache of the search and simply enjoy being in love.

Warren Buffett (one of the greatest money investors of all time) once said that the #1 rule of investing is to never lose money. Rule #2 is to never forget Rule #1.

Invest where it counts and conserve your time and energy with a dating coach (like me) that can help you arrive at your destination with your heart intact. Sign up for a complimentary consult and learn how we can help you in finding your right match.