This is important. Like opening the stable gates to most eligible bachelors important.

I’m about to give you subtle poses for you to use in your dating profile pictures that’ll send a strong message to your ideal prospects. Don’t underestimate how powerful these body cues are. It’s long been noted, that body language speaks to the world before you ever utter a word. From the redness of your lips, to the height of your heels, you can use every inch of your body to send a silent message that says, “I’m available.”

Not only can you use these body language cues in your online photos, but you can use them when you’re out in social settings where you’d like to catch a guy’s attention.

Ready? Here we go!

1. Flirty Smile

The goal of the flirty smile is to send a signal that you’re interested and are flirting with him. You can execute a flirty smile in photos by glancing at the camera and smiling while exposing the side of your neck. Exposing your neck reveals a softer side of you. Plus, if you’re doing this in person, exposing your neck releases pheromones.

If you want to add another layer, look at the camera through partially closed eyelids. This gives the tantalizing feeling of peeping or being peeped at, which will send off fireworks inside of a man.

2. Open Torso

An open torso shows that you’re approachable and available. There are many ways to execute this in a sensual way through pictures. Capture your body from the waist up. Shoulders should be back and chest out. You can also massage your neck or hold your head with one hand, which will raise your breasts and intensify cleavage. The same details apply if you’d like to attract a guy in person.

3. Expose Your Hands

Humans love to see a person’s hands because it indicates trustworthiness. Showcasing trustworthiness on an online dating profile will make you more approachable and attractive. When selecting photos for your dating profile focus on choosing photos where your hands and the smooth skin of your wrists are exposed. The wrist is considered a sensual area of the body that release pheromones into the air as well.

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