How do you feel when you think about love and online dating? Do you feel confident because you know exactly what you’re doing and are meeting great men because of it? Or…

Are you frustrated with the whole process and are convinced that most men on these sites are creeps?

Women today are navigating a different dating landscape than the generations before them. Men don’t stand outside your window serenading anymore. The pace is fast, almost too fast for most people to keep up with. This is especially true for successful women who are too busy striking business deals, leading teams and making their mark on the world.

Taking the time out to go through Match, eHarmony, Bumble, Christian Mingle, The League, Our Time, and the other dating sites out there will exhaust anyone. That’s why it’s important to know how to navigate the online dating waters, particularly if you’re a woman who…

  • Has chosen to be single for some time and are now ready to start dating again.
  • Is recently divorced and wants to get back into the dating world, but you’ve forgotten how to flirt or hold a conversation with the opposite sex.
  • Has been focused on your career for a while, but now you’re ready to settle down and find the One.
  • Feels pressured to marry because all your friends are getting married.

Knowing how to be successful in the online dating world will help eliminate disappointment.

How To Navigate The Online Dating Waters

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In-person dating and online dating aren’t too different from one another. When you go out on an in-person date, you want to look your best. You also want to know what the other person is about and hopefully make a great connection.

Same thing goes with online dating. So, instead of becoming frustrated with the process, take a look at how to be successful at it. Pay attention to how this advice closely reflects in-person dating.

1. You need a great profile to attract who you want.

Your profile is the introduction to who you are. It’s your first (and sometimes only) chance to make a great impression. If you don’t nail this, you risk passing on several great guys.

For more information on how to create a stellar profile, check out the article: Not Attracting High Quality Men Online? Blame It On This…

2. Understand that everyone has an agenda.

Everyone also includes you. Before you gasp at the word “agenda,” understand that I don’t mean it in a conniving way. I mean that when a person reaches out to connect with someone, there’s always a reason behind it and, yes… sometimes it can be only be for sex.

For example, say you’re in the grocery store at the checkout looking in a magazine. Suddenly, someone catches your eye. Maybe it’s a woman with nice shoes or a guy who you think is attractive. In either scenario, a desire begins to form and take shape in the form of an agenda. You either want to find out a) where she got her shoes from, or b) if it’s a guy, you’re curious to know whether he’s interested in you or not. Same with online dating platforms; everyone on there has an agenda. Your job is to make sure you attract those with a similar agenda to yours.

3. Know how to connect with people.

This all starts with being comfortable with who you are. From there, you must be able to communicate with prospects in a graceful way. And, it means remembering not to judge so quickly. More than likely, some pretty decent prospects have come your way. Maybe you just didn’t recognize it.

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