“All the good ones are taken.” That’s the common complaint from many single daters in today’s dating culture.

And here’s another one of those complaints, this time from the ones who are “looking” to get into a relationship…

“There are some things he/she does that could be red flags.” The he/she in this case is referring to the person whom they are dating.

What do these two types of daters have in common? Their dating mindset comes from a place of FOMO (fear of missing out), which is why they continue to swipe right and go on countless dates that later lead to ‘friends’.

If this sounds like you, it may come as a shock that the reason you’re still single is because you’re a serial dater who (underneath) may have a fear of commitment.

Let that statement sit with you for a minute, and I will come back to it.

A Serial Dater Can Be Often Jaded.

Besides the fear of commitment, serial daters are jaded and may not believe in soul mates or find it hard to emotionally connect on a deeper level. Ironically, they hate being alone, which is why they constantly date someone new.

Serial daters thrive on the thought of having someone wanting them and an assembly line of lovers waiting patiently.

Are You a Serial Dater?

Here are 3 telltale signs to look for and figure out if you could be:

3 Signs You're A Serial Dater - couple flirting

1. You hate being alone.

If the thought of being alone scares you because you don’t know what to do with yourself or your time, it could be a sign that you’re a serial dater. Going on dates for you is about drowning out the silence and wanting company.

It’s a problem because…

If you’re always trying to drown out silence and you never want to be alone, it shows that you aren’t 100% comfortable with yourself. You seek the attention of others to help validate how you feel.

It’s great to be around others to share ideas and be a part of something; however, feeling comfortable with your own thoughts and feelings comes first.

2. There’s always a new love interest.

Are you finding yourself constantly ‘talking’ and flirting with new relationship potentials? This behavior makes sure your social calendar stays full.

Well, that’s also the behavior pattern of a serial dater. The game of “cat and mouse” ensures serial daters always have a backup if and when someone is no longer available.

3. You’re fascinated with the idea of Love.

We can all agree that the giddy feeling that comes with meeting someone new is a high like no other! This feeling is a cocktail of brain chemicals and this “high” is what serial daters chase.

The moment that euphoria goes away, they think love ceases to exist, but in reality they don’t understand how much work goes into sustaining a relationship.

Dating is about meeting new people, just as much as it is about learning about who you are and what you’re looking for in a relationship.

Coming to terms with your fears around commitment or loneliness isn’t always an easy pill to swallow; however, the good news is it doesn’t mean you can’t change.

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