If you think flirting is just for single folks, think again! Yes, flirting is important in the beginning of the relationship to attract a partner. After all, it’s one of many human mating strategies. But, it’s just as important to flirt with your man after you get together—ESPECIALLY after you’ve been married for a while.  Some women stop the flirting once they get the ring, but I’m here to tell you otherwise.

Even though you’re an amazing wife already, it’s easy to get consumed with the hustle and bustle of daily life. Flirting with your partner is a great way to remind your special someone how much you’re into them. Don’t leave the flirting to others. Make sure you’re the one showing him love and admiration.  

Here are 3 ways you can flirt with him that’ll keep you at the top of his mind all day long. These range from subtle and gentle to bold and racy…

#1: Touch Him Gently

3 Ways To Flirt With Your Man - 01 - Touch

Touch him in different places and at different times. Touching sparks feelings of intimate connection and shows affection. Some subtle ways to touch him are:

  • When the two of you are talking, look into his eyes and caress the side of his face.
  • Touch his butt when he least expects it—maybe even in public!
  • Sneak up behind him when his back is turned and wrap your arms around his waist.
  • When the two of you are sitting on the couch, pull him into your chest so he can lay on you.

This is a gentle way of flirting, but is very effective.

#2: Send Sexy Videos, Texts or Pics

3 Ways To Flirt With Your Man - 02 - Photos

This one is a bit racier than the one above, and it’s perfect whether he’s at home or away. Send him sexy text messages and use the exchange as a teaser for what’s to come later. You don’t have to send anything too graphic. You can text him what you’re wearing too.

#3: Shower Surprise

3 Ways To Flirt With Your Man - 03 - Shower - 1200x628

If you want to take things from 0 to 10 quick, give your man a shower surprise. It is definitely the raciest of the three and one of my favorite ways to flirt. Here’s how it works… While your husband is in the shower, show up in something sexy. Start a casual flirty conversation for him to notice what you’re wearing. He might end up inviting you into the shower with him.

Try any of these three techniques and watch how happy it makes him. Not only will you be a happy wife, but he’ll be a happy husband.