Let’s talk about talking – that is, ways to dirty talk when you’re dating. When you begin dating your special person, there’s no shortage of excitement with the blossoming of a new relationship. It’s easy, fun, exciting but by the 10th or 15th date you’re wondering how you can foster a deeper connection in the relationship and explore your naughty side. As we all know, communication is one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship, but how do you slip into the seduction of talking dirty without feeling, well, dirty? Keep reading…..

To have true intimacy with your partner, you must keep the romance and the sexual energy flowing on a regular basis. By the 10th or 15th date, you’ve had discussions around an array of topics and maybe even a disagreement or two, but you may have not broached talking dirty just yet.

As the initial excitement starts to become familiar, talking dirty to your partner is a great way to hold their interest. Being something private that is only between you and your partner, it will help you both build a stronger bond and give you both a fun way to express your desire for each other.

Think you’ll be too cringey trying to talk sexy? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered…..

Get Seductive

Seduce your lover with some seductive dirty talk. Flirting feels good and is vital to deepening your intimacy. We all want to be desired, and when we stop feeling wanted, our relationship suffers because we feel disconnected from one another. The moment a woman stops flirting with her man, sex becomes a chore. 

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One of the easiest ways to flirt with your partner and get your engines revving up again is to whisper something sexy into your partner’s ear. This powerful technique will bring up good feelings and of course, can lead to some very hot sex! You’re welcome 😉

Ways To Talk Dirty

To help you skip out on the awkwardness, here are a few naughty phrases to try to get your partner blushing:

  1. “I like the feel of your skin next to mine” 
  2. “I am not wearing any underwear right now’”   
  3. “I’m going to devour you next time we’re alone ”

Get the gist? As the source to your date’s affection, the goal is to make them feel desired, wanted and craved by you.

Relax & Have Fun!

Get creative and have fun with it! Talking dirty, using pet names or imitating the tone and volume that you two usually speak in when you are both feeling really turned on will make your partner feel special. It’s not just about what you say, but how you say it.  

Whether you are whispering sexy phrases into your partner’s ear or screaming their name at the top of your lungs, show them how much you want them. Pull them closer, use physical touch and maintain eye contact to really set the right mood and make your intentions clear.

Use these three seductive phrases to get your dirty talking started and get ready to have your and your date revved up for some naughty fun!