There is one thing that separates confident people from those who lack confidence, and it is their daily habits. To put it simply, if you want to boost your dating confidence quickly, confident people do things that build their self-esteem and confidence — every day. Their healthy habits are on autopilot, so they don’t have to question every decision like those people who lack discipline and structure in their day.

Without the right practices in place, people can feel a lack of purpose and could struggle with feelings of unworthiness. Having self-love and healthy relationships is more challenging for those with low levels of confidence because they don’t feel that they have their life together and often lose respect for themselves when they are unproductive and unfocused.

Dating Confidence: Healthy Habits For The Mind

So, how can you increase your dating confidence? Work on your self-assurance by developing a strategy that encompasses your mind and body. When practiced regularly, these strategies below can dramatically boost your dating confidence and lead to more self-love than you’d imagine!

4 Ways to Boost Your Dating Confidence In Less Time - Healthy Mind

#1: An ideal way to start your day is with affirmations.

These statements — also known as Power Beliefs — should be written, read silently, or spoken (in the present tense) on a regular basis. This practice will retrain your brain so you can create your ideal life from a place of abundance. You really can think your way to confidence, self-love, and more fulfilling relationships with regular practice because your thoughts influence your behavior. If you feel strong and uplifted, you’ll be ready to take on whatever challenges the day brings.

Affirmations are only one part of the equation if you’re looking for dating confidence. Next, let’s take action.

#2: Throughout your day, practice kindness.

No matter what is going on around you, compassion is always a choice that is available to you. By giving people the benefit of the doubt and helping them in whatever way you can, you’re helping yourself, too. In a world where everything, literally everything is at your fingertips, it’s influenced us to become less tolerant and patient with people especially in dating. Focus on being complementary rather than critical. Giving back will remind you that you are a good person, to give people a chance and as a result your confidence will grow.

#3: There’s nothing like starting or ending the day with a good book.

Read or listen to an audio book for pleasure at any time of the day, not just at night. Regularly reading will expand your worldview, give you new insights, and will afford you a fresh perspective on problem-solving and navigating your relationships.

Dating Confidence: Healthy Habits For The Body

Truth be told, we are visual creatures.

4 Ways to Boost Your Dating Confidence In Less Time - Exercise

#4: Therefore, treat your body as your temple!

Increase your confidence and self-love with regular exercise. Get out there and move your body in whichever way you like so your body releases endorphins — those feel-good hormones your brain loves. Whether you want to dance, weight train, practice yoga, walk, or run, make sure you get exercise on a regular basis. Oh, and don’t forget that sex counts as exercise too!

Mind & Body Confidence = Dating Confidence

Mastering the state of your body and mind will assist you in becoming a more confident dater. When you look good, you feel good. Why? Because your physical state sends powerful messages to your brain which then influence your emotional and mental state.

Developing and practicing healthy habits for both your body and mind can lead to openness and up-leveling your self-esteem, which can help you meet singles and keep your heart open to the possibilities of love.