Investing in a professional photoshoot for your online dating profile is one of the best ways to get your profile to stand out from the crowd. While we recommend hiring a professional to capture those glamour shots, we also understand not everyone can do that, but fear not… we have photoshoot tips that can help. 

5 Photoshoot Tips to Attract Your Plus One

The keys to taking the best photos you can be proud of are to make sure the photos tell a story and reflect your personality. Whether you have a friend take a few pics or you or if work with a professional photographer, these 5 photoshoot tips will help you slay in front of the camera.

5 Photoshoot Tips That’ll Help Boost Your Online Dating Profile And Attract The Right Matches - Incredible Love

1. Hydrate and Rest the Night Before

Do you want your skin to look supple and hide those fine lines? Of course you do…and the best way to do that is by drinking plenty of water. Drinking a lot of water the day prior to the shoot and the morning of will help your skin look its best. 

NOTE: You also want to make sure to avoid alcohol the night before your shoot and get a good night’s sleep.

2. Preselect Your Wardrobe

Putting your best foot forward requires attention to every detail, particularly with your outfits. Select 3 to 4 outfits that show different dimensions of your personality and avoid waiting until the last minute to pick them out. We recommend clients choose an outfit that’s fun, one that’s flirty, and one that’s casual. Also, make sure your clothes fit properly because the camera can be unforgiving.

3. Schedule Your Glam Squad

A photoshoot is a great reason to treat yourself to a mini spa day! Take care of the essentials such as getting your hair done, waxing/threading your brows, mani/pedi and… Why not make your smile sparkle by trying some whitening strips?

4. Practice Posing

Unless you’re a professional model, chances are you’re going to be a little nervous once the camera is set up. A great way to relax is by practicing poses in the mirror. For a slimmer look, here’s a great technique… Angle your body at 45 degrees or rest your weight on your back foot. 

5. Play Your Favorite Jams

One of the best things you can do is put together a playlist of some of your favorite jams and play it during the photoshoot. Listening to music will help you loosen up and enjoy yourself. Remember, you’re not going for perfect; you just want to bring your personality and essence through.

Now that you have these 5 tips, plan a photoshoot and go get those glamour shots!