Finding truly unique Mother’s Day gifts is like looking for gold at the end of a rainbow. You heard it may be out there and you search your hardest for good ideas, but eventually you stop chasing something special and just settle for flowers.

That’s part of the pressure of this holiday because you want to honor the woman who gave you life with something truly meaningful. But, the best gifts aren’t the ones being pushed on commercials. The best gifts are the ones that come from the heart.

One client’s Mother’s Day gift memory

A client of mine, Megan, shared with me her most memorable Mother’s Day gift. Her husband gave it to her when their daughter was only 2 years old.

It wasn’t jewelry, nor was it flowers. It was a fish tank filled with beautiful fish.

Her husband heard her say several times in the past how as a little girl, she always asked her parents for a fish tank, but she never got it.

On Mother’s Day morning, she was amazed to see a tank full of beautiful gold fish. No jewelry or expensive bag could’ve matched the impact behind the thoughtfulness of that gift in the moment.

So, this Mother’s Day, I want to encourage you to stretch your imagination and get creative with the gift you give Mom!

6 ideas for unique Mother’s Day Gifts:

Here are some great, unconventional Mother’s Day gifts and ideas for mommy this Mother’s Day. Not only are they outside of the box, but they are also perfect for the digital age we live in…

#1: Make a Collage With Magisto

Know all those pictures and videos on your mom’s phone? The Magisto app will allow you to take those images and create a beautiful story. Bring old memories back to life and celebrate with a truly unique collage.

#2: Underwear Makeover

Depending on the relationship you have with your mom, this may be a fun gift to give (especially if your mom’s current collection is a little drab). Pick something that matches her taste, and she can get a nice new pair delivered to her door each month. There are a few companies out there including Skivvie NIX, Bootay Bag, Panty Joy, and Splendies.

#3: Subscription to Spotify

If your mom is a music lover, she may enjoy a Spotify subscription that will allow her to rock to her favorite jams whenever she wants.  

#4: Subscription to Chatbooks

If a music subscription isn’t her thing, maybe this one will be. Know all those pictures trapped inside your mom’s phone? The Chatbooks app will allow her to print those pictures every month and have them delivered to her home in a photo album for a very low fee. She’ll never have to worry about her memory being too full or losing those pictures again.  

#5: Blue Apron Subscription

Is your mom a whiz in the kitchen? Then she may find this app fun and convenient. Blue Apron will allow her to choose from a selection of exciting and seasonal recipes, and they’ll deliver the ingredients to her front door. Maybe you two can spend an evening together preparing one of the recipes!

#6: Wine of The Month Club

This gift will go over well if your mom is into wine. Get a subscription to the Wine Of The Month Club and she will enjoy a new bottle of wine delivered every month.

Try any of these six gift ideas to give your mom a new and unique Mother’s Day experience she won’t forget.