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About Incredible Love

From the beginning, we’ve taken a client-centered approach and, as a result, it has made us one of the leading Matchmaking & Coaching companies in the industry for the past 8 years. Initially launching in 2013 as Michelle G Matchmaking & Coaching, we’ve focused on helping thousands of people conquer their dating blindspots, become effective communicators and meet their match so they can experience Incredible Love.

We’ve also grown a lot since then. In 2019, our founder Michelle G launched the Incredible Love online shop to promote her “Love is a Lifestyle” message through wellness habits and beauty products while keeping the matchmaking and coaching division as a separate entity with a goal of someday uniting it all under one roof.

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Today, our company’s mission is to “Lead With Love” by redefining the transactional nature of intimacy into one of vulnerability and Incredible Connection. Our goal is to impact the love lives of 1 million men and women through our matchmaking services and coaching programs.

Love First. Always.

From humble beginnings as a company focused on coaching high performers to now having a global impact serving influential individuals seeking love, we’ve never lost our focus on helping clients find and keep a healthy relationship.

Meet the Incredible Team

Everyone on our team is a heart-centered, client-focused professional with a college degree in their area of expertise.

Michelle G. Matchmaker

Michelle G

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Meet America’s Celebrity Matchmaker

Dating Coach | Relationship Expert | Former Spy

  • Bestselling Author
  • Certified Matchmaker 
  • 10,000+ Hours of Coaching
  • Industry Trainer and Professional Speaker
  • Named “Best Matchmaker” by Royal Carribean Cruise Lines
  • Client Roster Includes: Celebrities, Politicians, Entrepreneurs and Top Influencers
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Discovering Purpose

Michelle G is a former military intelligence analyst in the United States Marine Corps with an extensive background in military intelligence, conflict resolution and international diplomacy. In essence, she was a government spy prior to becoming a Dating and Relationships Master Coach.  

So, how did she get from being  a U.S. Marine to “Love Guru”? The short answer is the pristine opportunities to reinvent herself were presented in the form of a divorce, a career change, and an invitation to attend a conference. She met her first husband and married while on active duty which proved to be challenging, however, the aha moment came one day, when she realized her military career was thriving but her marriage was failing. Together they tried everything from marriage counseling, to retreats, however, she always wondered why she could influence powerful men in their decision making process but she couldn’t get her husband to pick up the socks off the floor. The defining moment came when she was on a tour to South Korea and realized that the marriage was over. It wasn’t because of a lack of love but realized that they were different people on different life journeys.

Today, she’s a TV personality, best-selling author, highly sought-after Celebrity Matchmaker and professional speaker.

Transforming Lives

After 13 years of service as a U.S. Marine, Michelle G decided to reinvent her career and ultimately herself. She decided to go from creating and negotiating partnerships at the global stage to the personal and romantic stage. The skills she learned from her past career have catapulted her success with clients by helping them negotiate their own boundaries, clarify their needs and improve their ability to handle crucial conversations in relationships.

With close to a decade of experience and a “Lead with Love” mentality, Michelle G has established herself and her team as one of the most trusted names in the love industry. She has been dubbed by Royal Caribbean International as the “World’s Best Matchmaker” to top diplomats, entrepreneurs and celebrities. She has helped thousands of clients through her mentoring and matchmaking programs.

Leading With Love

Michelle G is also the Star and executive producer of the 13-time award-winning show, Fix My Love Life with Michelle G, which launched in the fall of 2021 on Amazon, Roku, and iTunes. As a frequent media contributor, Michelle G’s advice and expertise has been featured in both English and Spanish Television, discussing the ever changing landscape of modern dating and relationships.

Ready For Incredible Love?


Relationship SOS is a 7-step process that walks you through addressing key factors that contribute to a healthy relationship. The book looks at your relationship from the inside out, providing effective solutions that can revitalize any relationship. Michelle G. based the book on her real-world implementation of the process with dozens of couples.

The Relationship Plan™ is a practical method that helps couples who are struggling within their relationships to recapture their happily ever after... on their own terms. People from all walks of life are successfully applying it to their relationships every day, and in the process, they are strengthening and deepening their connections. You can, too.

Grab a copy of Michelle G’s #1 best-selling book and rescue your intimacy today.

Relationship SOS by Michelle G