Women share with me all the time how disappointed they are with their dating profile performance. For some reason, they keep attracting the wrong men, the total opposites of what they’re looking for. When I hear this, I can usually bet right away where the problem is coming from.

But, before I tell you what the sneaky culprit is, I want to encourage you not to overlook this. Especially don’t overlook this if you’re a woman who is seriously looking to date high quality men online. This is huge.

What “attracting the wrong men” really means…

Now, when a woman tells me that she’s not having any success with online dating, usually that means she’s attracting…

  • Men who are emotionally unavailable
  • Men who aren’t as successful as she’d like
  • Men who disappear
  • Men who are liars
  • Men who don’t take care of themselves
  • Men who only want one thing

Here’s the common problem I usually see immediately. It’s not the men; it’s her dating profile. Shocking, isn’t it?

Why your profile may be attracting the wrong men

You’ve heard the saying that your first impression is your last impression, right?

Well, it was true when you heard it the first time and it’s true now. It’s true for when you meet someone in-person and twice as true when you’re meeting someone online. The difference between your first in-person impression and your first online impression is that when someone runs across your profile online, you don’t have a chance to explain yourself, share your personality or show them “your good side”. All they have to go on is what they see on your profile, and if it’s not what they want, they’ll move on. The ones who move on are usually the high quality guys you’re on there to meet.

That’s why before you ever hit “publish”, you want to make sure that your profile is a perfect ten because your first date starts the moment a prospect sees your profile.

What components of your profile are important?

  • the picture you have
  • the words you use
  • a combination of both pictures and words

These things make all the difference in who you attract.

Still not convinced?

Just think about it. When you stroll through profiles, aren’t you judging? If the guy’s picture is off or if the words don’t excite you, you move on without thinking twice. That’s why if you want to avoid this happening to you, you have to take the steps to ensure your profile stands out in a great way.

How do I create an Incredible Profile?

Creating a winning profile is both an art and a science. The art is the visual and the science is the process. Here’s what I mean.

The art behind a winning profile starts with your picture. You need a picture that shows you in your best light and accurately depicts what you look like now. The science behind it includes using strong, meaningful and influential words that express and excite others. Not words that are full of fluff, but words that literally paint a picture of who you are.

More work than you thought?

Then, I suggest an image consultant. This is someone who will make sure you don’t come across as a hot mess. We offer this invaluable service in our dating packages and all of our clients are blown away by how great they look. Image consulting will help you tweak your style and stand out.

A cleaned up profile will leave you:

  • Feeling stronger and more empowered
  • Attracting more desirable prospects

Okay ladies, now that you know the sneaky culprit behind your unfortunate online dating life, get to work cleaning it up. And, if you need any help with your image from an expert, feel free to get in touch.