If you’ve exited a bad relationship in the past and you’re ready to move on, the last thing you want to do is waste your precious time. But what if you’re feeling unsure about your choice in men? Here’s how to make sure you avoid dating the wrong guy…

If you’re divorced or separated and worried about dating the wrong guy, you have a right to be cautious. It’s a new year and you don’t want to waste a moment of it with someone who isn’t aligned with your goals.

Nor, do I want you to.

In the past, you may have wondered why you always seem to end up with the wrong guys. The ones who were “broken”, had crazy behavior, unfaithful, unable to commit, smooth liar, bad liar, sneaky, inconsiderate, total opposite of his “nice” family, raging lunatic…You get my drift.

Well, several factors cause this. But, we’re going to start with the simplest element of the equation…

Start with Yourself

For a woman to feel like a man appreciates her time and attention, it all begins with her.

Don’t worry, this is not an attack.

I’m sure your past partners had their own issues. But, if you want to change the kind of men you attract, let’s focus on the factors you can control. Unfortunately, I’ve found that too many women try to control everything, which is what prevents them from finding what they want.

But, you’re not going to be that woman. Instead, you’re going to be the woman who positions herself for success in love this year. So, let’s get started…

Keys to Avoid Dating the Wrong Guy

How To Avoid Dating The Wrong Guy After A Breakup - Incredible Love

#1: Unlock Your Natural Attractiveness

You have a natural attractiveness inside of you. Every woman possesses it. Think of it as the part of your DNA that is irreplaceable. It’s what makes you unique. Sadly, most women suppress it while trying to conform to what they think is attractive.

When you don’t celebrate and access what makes you unique, you end up…

  • Allowing what others think of you to dictate your opinion of yourself
  • Finding yourself always trying to please people
  • Never realizing your full potential

The great news is you can get this. It’s a skill that’s easy to learn, but requires exercise like a muscle. Some ways to start gaining confidence in this area include:

  • Working on your body language, so that you’re more open and approachable
  • Engaging in eye contact
  • Being yourself, no matter how quirky or different you are

#2: Look At Your Track Record

Take time and reflect on who you’ve been dating up to this point. Is there a common pattern? Next, take a piece of paper and write down a list of traits you’d like to find in your ideal man. Then, answer this question…

Does this list have the same criteria you’ve used for your past relationship? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to add more depth to your ideal partner list.

#3: Date Outside Of Your Type 

After you’ve added more depth to your ideal partner list, it’s time to take a leap of faith and date your MAYBEs. Yep, deliberately start dating people who you wouldn’t typically date, but who have the new traits you’ve added.

#4: Get Into Action

Start taking action on the things listed above and the right kind of guys will start showing up. Granted, it’s not always easy to move forward, especially if you’re prone to overthinking. There are a lot of really smart women (like you) who know it’s time for a change, but they don’t follow through, which keeps them stuck experiencing the same results.

Then there are those women who already have a knack for attracting great men who will value them. The great news is, you can get that “knack” for attracting the right guy into your life too.

It’s time you know the secrets of how to be the woman the good men practically run into.