It happens slowly… As your relationship with your special someone begins to mature, the two of you will gradually fall into a routine. Routines are not bad, but they do create complacency, especially when it comes to intimacy. Why is that?

As human beings, we like having certainty in our lives and routines offer a level of certainty. Intimacy, however, is a different story. It is an area of a relationship that allows a couple to grow together emotionally, spiritually, mentally and sexually.

Intimacy: In and Out of the Bedroom

In order to create the level of intimacy you are looking for, there are some steps that need to be reintroduced into the relationship. . .

The art of talking after sex.

Let’s face it, it takes work on a man’s part to get a woman satisfied, so why not help him out?

Couples who are able to talk about their sexual encounters enhance their level of intimacy in a relationship. It’s an opportunity for both individuals to dialogue about what they each experienced, discuss opportunities to possibly introduce something new, and learn more about one another.

This conversation should not focus on the negative or dissatisfaction; instead, it should be about enhancing the next sexual encounter. Avoid using phrase such as “Don’t do that”, “I wish you would have”, or any other phrases that could make your partner perceive they are being scolded to or not good enough.

Remember, the purpose of this conversation is to keep the communication open about your sex life as a couple.

The power of the human touch.

Do you remember when you were first dating your special someone? How you would kiss and hold hands frequently? Touching one another consistently is one of the secrets to successful relationships.

According to Psychologist Matthew Hertenstein of De Paw University, we can send and receive emotions by touch alone. It’s like we are wired to speak this language innately. There are so many benefits to touching your partner; however, to connect on a deep level it is important for them to reciprocate so your body knows how to respond to their touch.  So go ahead and reach for his/her hand the next time you’re walking somewhere; it may be the beginning of a great escapade.

Intimacy is unique.

When it comes to nurturing a relationship, think of it as a garden. Each seed requires different amount of water and sunlight (some more than others) for it to grow.  There are different components that make a relationship successful; therefore, check-in with your partner daily to see what part of the garden needs tending to and you will see that your relationship’s intimacy will begin to strengthen day by day.