The world came to a standstill as we know it! As we all adapt and do our part to #FlattenTheCurve with social distancing, one thing remains true: now more than ever we crave human connection. So the question has come up, to date or not to date?

Dating in the era of social distancing is a personal choice, and your attitude overall about love will influence how you choose to navigate this pandemic. If you’re uncertain about what’s right for you, the best answer is to pause and focus on your feelings on the current state of the world. Keep in mind you aren’t alone in how you’re feeling. Reaching out to your support network is the best first step before considering to date.

What about if you’re seeing a silver lining and see social distancing as a great opportunity to date?

You’re in luck! With some creativity and a little help from technology, we can still find ways to date, connect and build on existing relationships. Although the times are different, meeting new people through virtual dating facilitates an environment to slow down and focus on getting to know one another through meaningful conversations. Research tells us the secret to a successful and happy relationship in the long-term stems from a solid friendship!

There’s no right or wrong answer on dating at the start of this global pandemic; however, here is Michelle G’s perspective and tips on how you should approach dating during these uncertain times.

Social Distancing Dating Tips

Happy Virtual Dating!

Michelle G.❤️