Healing from a breakup takes time and a continual investment in your self-care is crucial. It will help you overcome a heartbreak and prepare you for the idea of dating and finding love again.

Finding Love Summary:

  • There is no magic formula that will give you a preset time of how long it will take to get over a heartbreak; however, there are some questions you can ask yourself to see if you’re ready.
  • Love coaching can help you process and overcome a heartbreak while getting you ready to start dating again! Ready to learn how love coaching can transform your heartbreak? Get in touch for a consultation.

In today’s video, Michelle G will give you tips and advice to help you determine when you’re ready to find love again.

Full Transcript:

Breakups are never easy. It can leave behind a feeling of failure and even trigger you to start questioning yourself, question if there is something wrong with you, or question your self-worth. A heartbreak is incredibly difficult to endure and no matter how positive you are, it can bring you down and make you feel hopeless about finding love again in the future.

Is it possible to find love again after a heartbreak? The answer is Yes!

Hi I’m Michelle G., a Certified Matchmaker, bestselling author, and relationship coach with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Social Psychology. I am passionate about helping elite professional men and women find a meaningful and rewarding relationship. I accomplish this by either presenting you to your ideal partner or teaching you how to attract love into your life.

There’s one thing nearly everyone can expect at some point in their life, and that’s a heartbreak or two. Love is imperfect because people are imperfect. Just know, the next time you are in love, it will feel different than it did before you had your heart broken because experience changes you.

Here’s a fact… It will take you sometime to recover from your heartbreak and you will go through the stages of grief, because it’s a loss of what that relationship represented. My advice, don’t ignore these feelings or try to push them away. Surround yourself with a supportive group of friends and take time to process the relationship because there are hidden lessons for you to garner.

The first step to find love again after a heartbreak… Ask yourself if you’re ready to open up and be vulnerable with someone else?

The decision to open up and trust again won’t magically happen. You can’t expect some wonderful person to come along and get you to open up so you will feel loved again. That’s not how it works, because it’s not that person’s responsibility and, quite frankly, no one wants that task, especially in today’s dating world.

Just like you’re looking for love, other people are looking for love too. The last thing they want to do is take time to break down your walls.

  • For a man, having to break down a woman’s walls says, she’s work. While men don’t mind putting in the work, they only want to work when they see there’s a possibility for much more.
  • For a woman, when she has to break down a man’s walls, she gets turned off and categorizes him as a “f*** boy” or a guy who isn’t really serious.

In both situations, the person wants to find love, but is afraid, so they’ve put a wall up.

If you want to start opening up, there are 3 things I want to leave with you…

  1. Everything in life is a risk: If you’re going to find love, you’re going to have to be willing to take a risk. That may mean you’ll get hurt, but it also means you’ll find someone amazing too. You won’t know until you open up.
  2. You can’t control other people: There’s no way you can control what other people are going to do. But, you can control YOU. If you show up, open and ready for love, you’ll attract the right kind of person. Even if you don’t attract the right person initially, don’t let those experiences jade you! Look for the lessons and learn about yourself and what you’re looking for.
  3. Look for the red flags: While you’re dating, always be on the lookout for red flags so that you don’t end up hurt. If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, it’s a duck.

Make the decision to open up regardless of the fear, and you’ll start to attract great people into your life. Struggling to let go of some self-sabotaging behavior and patterns that are holding you back from finding love again? Then I invite you to schedule an exploratory date coaching consult. You’ll walk away with a personalized plan that’s unique to you and feeling confident about finding love again.