In case you were wondering… Romance isn’t dead! As we settle into our relationships, it’s easy to stop being creative and unconsciously stop nourishing them. And before you know it, you’re having the talk with your partner on how you need more from the relationship, your sex life is suffering and you aren’t happy. What if I told you that by adding 10 uninterrupted minutes into your daily routine could prevent you from getting anywhere near that crossroad.

10 mins? Really?

The answer is YES and here are a couple of reasons why…

10 minutes a day keeps the therapists away! 

There is constant noise that surrounds us between our cell phones, work colleagues, television, Facebook, etc. and without noticing these noises, they become constant unless we turn them off. When you tune everything else out to have a 10-minute conversation with your partner, something beautiful happens. You are present and attentive in that moment and, before you know it, 10 minutes turns into 20 minutes. Another great benefit is it becomes a healthy habit which nourishes your relationship!

Reintroduce creativity and spontaneity.

Get in the car and drive! Drive to see open houses that you both dream to own one day, eat lunch at your favorite place, or do whatever comes to mind. Creativity and spontaneity create the space for freedom, which builds the foundation of relationships – TRUST! Routines are great to provide structure in life and relationships, but if you want to keep it hot and heavy, leave some room for spontaneity. Trust me, creativity will just flow.

tips to Spark romance and your sex life:

  1. A Sexy Love Letter/Email: In a time where most couples will text each other when they’re both home, we forget the emotions a simple love letter can evoke. Taking the time to put thoughts to paper shows that you care. Heck, you may even find it easier to express yourself in this way! Writing gives you the ability to seriously contemplate all the reasons why you love your significant other!
  2. Take A Trip Down Memory Lane: Take note cards and write down one of your favorite memories. Place it with your partner’s lunch or leave it on the bathroom mirror before you leave. Reliving the emotions of that memory will not only put a smile on both your faces, but it will access other memories and invoke appreciation, love and creativity towards your relationship.
  3. Lover’s Treasure Hunt: Be Creative! First, lay out your treasure route with way-points and figure out what the grand prize will be. Once that is set, use note cards to leave at each way-point with clues to the next way-point (I suggest no more than 6 way-points). Invest in some silk rose petals from the craft store and use that to lead your loved one to each way-point until they reach the final prize! It will be a night full of laughter, fun and connecting on a different level.
It’s okay to be teenagers again!