The days of waiting around for Mr. or Mrs. Right are over. A combination of loneliness and bad relationships has pushed more and more singles to stop leaving their love life to chance. Instead, they are turning to matchmaking experts to pair them with someone perfectly fit for them and the results are long lasting.

Take this couple I matched, for example…

Lisa is the CEO of a marketing agency and Keith is a career US marine. The two are happier now than they’ve ever been in their lives, but would have never found each other had they not stepped out on a limb and used a matchmaker.  

When Lisa came to me, she was frustrated with relationships. She had been involved with someone on and off again for 8 years and thought she’d never find the right person. Keith had gone through a divorce, but still believed in love and hoped that he’d one day find a great person.

While having dinner with Lisa, she shared a few great things about herself and I immediately knew I had a great match for her. At first she was skeptical, but she trusted the process and trusted that her matchmaker had someone who was right for her.

Because Keith was just stepping back on to the dating scene and Lisa was just coming out of a breakup, I knew that their introduction needed to be informal. That’s why I introduced the two of them through Facebook, a social networking tool.

Fast forward three months after their introduction, the two made plans to meet each other.

Fast forward, six months later, they got engaged.

Fast forward a year later, they got married and are now living their happily ever after in Germany.

Stories like these happen every day for people who turn to matchmakers.

3 Things To Keep In Mind When Hiring A Matchmaker

When hiring your own matchmaker there are 3 important things to keep in mind:

  • Look for someone who has a proven process or approach to helping their clients find love. This should be a process that walks you from where you are now (single) to where you want to be (in a healthy relationship).
  • Look for someone who walks their talk. You want someone who understands what it means to invest in a long term relationship and how to make it work.  Ideally, they are in a successful relationship of their own.
  • Look for someone who has a track record of results. A proven track record shows that they are invested in their clients’ love life and don’t have an attitude of, “I think its going to work out”.

Keep these three things in mind when looking for a professional matchmaker and you’ll be able to trust the person you find.

Remember, matchmaking is not just about introductions and it’s not just a job. It’s a passion, mission and a gift to be a matchmaker. Be sure you hire someone you can trust.