Whether you’ve been in a relationship for 2 years or married for 10 years, did you know that you’re still dating one another? That’s right. Getting into a relationship is one thing; keeping your relationship going is another. Dating and courting doesn’t end once you’ve gotten comfortable and established a routine as a couple. That’s why I recommend you actively work to keep the sparks going by making sure date night is still a part of your routine, no matter how long you’ve been together.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, this is a perfect time to either get this tradition started or take it to a new level.

There’s a recent survey that states 45% of couples admit to rarely going out on a date, while 18% of married couples admit to going out once a month.

Why the low numbers? The answer is simple: Laziness. Or, my personal favorite… waiting for the other person to initiate.

You may think a trip to the grocery store or a night out to dinner with the kids constitutes a date night. Wrong.

Date night is all about the opportunity for romance and reigniting the chemistry that brought you two together. One of the best ways to do that is by creating a date night calendar that shows your commitment to nourishing the relationship.

Create A sizzling Date Night Calendar

The goal is not to just create a date night calendar. You want to create THE date night calendar, one that the two of you look forward to. Don’t know where to begin? Not to worry. I’ve outlined 3 steps below to get you started:

Step 1: Take Turns Planning

How To Plan A Kick Ass Date Night Calendar - 01 - Take Turns Planning

Yep, both of you are in the relationship, so both of you get to plan. You can take the initiative by planning first. Make plans for every week for an entire month while keeping in mind what your partner would enjoy to do as well. Or, you two can take a few hours on a Friday night and pick events together.

Step 2: Use Ink

How To Plan A Kick Ass Date Night Calendar - 02 - Write In Ink

It’s easy to erase or lose scheduled appointments in your phone calendar. I recommend getting a calendar printout of the month and filling it in with pen. Afterwards, put it somewhere the both of you can see it. As a safety precaution and for added accountability, you can add it to your phone calendar as an appointment. 

Step 3: There’s an app for that!

How to Plan a Kick Ass Date Night Calendar - 03 - phone apps

Stumped on what kind of dates to plan and looking to explore different interests? Well, you’re in luck because apps like Meetup, Eventbrite and your local magazine app will have a plethora of events happening all the time in your town. At this point, it becomes a matter of picking what fun activities to do together.

Worried about the potential cost of date night? Keep in mind date nights are much cheaper than therapy or a divorce. Why not make the investment needed to avoid the two? Plus, you’ll never get these days back with you partner, so make the most of them.

One more thing About Date night…

As tempting as it may be to use your time together to discuss housekeeping or the kids, avoid that. Use this time to connect on a personal level. Discuss your dreams, goals, and aspirations. Dig into each other’s inner thoughts and take note of how you two have changed over the years. Truly enjoy each other’s company.

Relationships are work, but with a little creativity, you two could virtually stay in love forever.

Now, go share your new plan with your partner and let me know what they say. I can’t wait to hear about it.