Interactions can be touch-and-go! One skill every single person needs to navigate modern dating is the ability to read body language on dates. According to research, mirroring your date’s body language can be a powerful attraction. Understanding body language gives you insightful clues into knowing if someone is reciprocating and the direction the date is going. In today’s video, International Body Language Expert Blanca Cobb joins Matchmaker Michelle G to share what you should pay attention to specifically when on a date.

How To Read Body Language on Dates Summary:

  • Knowing how to interpret the gestures and signals of someone you’re interested in is one of the most powerful communication skills and developing this ability will help you decipher intention and genuineness.
  • What is the “Halo Effect” and what role does it play in dating? Knowing this phenomenon could prevent you from misinterpreting body language on dates.
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Dating can be confusing for anyone. Success is dependent on your ability to be a keen observer of body language on dates to better understand your date comprehensively. Some dates will be a home run and others, not so much. Nevertheless, every date and interaction—no matter how brief it can be—is part of the journey in learning about yourself.