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Incredible Connections Plus
Invest in Your Future Happiness
Invest in Your Future Happiness

You’re emotionally ready to meet someone and serious about being in a loving relationship. However, the search for your ideal match has been frustrating, intimidating or underwhelming when using online dating apps.

While modern technology has opened up unlimited options to meet people, it’s also placed you in direct competition with every other single out there. It feels like survival of the fittest, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’re here to help.


Invest In Your Future Happiness

We created Incredible Connections Plus for singles who aren’t yet ready to invest in a matchmaker, but want to enjoy the benefits of having one in their corner.

As a verified member of our registry, your chances of being matched increase exponentially as you’ll be placed miles ahead of the competition as a potential match for our VIP clients. When we are matching a VIP client, we select our matches from the Incredible Connections Plus group first.

Invest in Your Future Happiness

Your Incredible Connections Plus Membership Includes:

  • 2-hour in-depth video matchmaking interview to meet you and discuss your desires
  • Professionally-written profile to use on an online dating platform or app
  • 1-minute quick video profile for your use on an online dating platform or app
  • 1-year verified, priority membership within our private and confidential registry
  • Monthly virtual office hours where you can ask your most pressing dating and relationship questions

How to Get Started:

  • Select a date and time on the calendar for your in-depth video matchmaking interview.
  • Make your payment online.
  • Check your email for a message with important details to prepare for your interview.
  • Meet your Incredible Matchmaker.
  • One week after your interview, you will receive your professionally-written dating and video profile via email.
  • Prepare to have Incredible Fun!

    NOTE: Becoming a member of the Incredible Connections Plus Network requires a $297 investment. Upon joining, we will conduct a background check and mark you as a Priority Status Member of our private database for 1 year. This means you’ll be eligible to be matched with one of our Incredible Matchmaking clients or partner clients during that period of time. Since membership can be activated at any time, there is no guarantee of being matched immediately because our client roster changes constantly. Our database is confidential and it’s only used by approved Matchmakers.

    What a beautiful day it is to wake up with excitement and emotion, which just a few short months ago seemed impossible to tap into. I wondered whether I would ever find that spot in my heart which could allow another person to occupy. And you, my dear Michelle G, were the catalyst for making this happen!

    ~ Eric