Relationship priorities have a tendency to shift. It happens slowly… As your relationship with your special guy or gal begins to mature, the two of you will gradually fall into a routine. There are many positives to developing a routine. Firstly, you begin to feel like the two of you “fit” together, like puzzle pieces. It can also be nice to come home to a familiar face and know that you don’t have to be at your best and brightest, especially after a long day of work.

The dangers within a routine

Unfortunately, it’s easy for conversations to shorten and then to dry up altogether, or for boredom to set in. If you never feel the need to be your best and brightest, your partner could start wondering where that amazing, funny, smiling girlfriend or boyfriend went.

No matter if you’ve been dating for a year or have been married for twenty, you and your partner need to constantly nurture your relationship, or your comfy routine could turn into a deep, mucky rut.

If you’re already in Ruts-ville, don’t worry! I have a solution for you…

Relationship Priorities: Bring Back Date Night

Remember date night? It was when you dressed yourself up, felt butterflies in your stomach and spent a night doing something fun and entertaining with your partner. You still need that in your relationship, even if you think you already know everything about your partner (you really don’t, trust me).

Date Night Activities.

Who says you have to do the same thing as everyone else? Who says you have to have date night at night? Get creative and think outside the box. The most successful date nights are those that get you to challenge one another and get you to work together as a couple. Anyone can plan dinner and movie.

Date Night Conversations.  

As the relationship matures, so do the both of you. As your relationship progresses, it’s a great opportunity to revisit goals, ideas, and dreams you both once discussed with one another. Get off Facebook, put away the cell phones, don’t talk about work or the children and be fully PRESENT for one another.

Why not talk about planning a weekend getaway with other couples or just for the two of you?

Skip the Excuses.

Now, I’ve heard all sorts of excuses about why date night no longer happens in a mature relationship:

  • you have young children now and finding a sitter is too challenging
  • you and your partner work long hours on different shifts
  • money is tight
  • you both prefer just to stay home
  • (the list goes on…)

Nope, those excuses don’t cut it.

Date night is a responsibility that you and your partner owe to your relationship. It’s a time that allows you to enjoy each other’s company anew, pull yourselves out of a rut and create new memories together. Like sex, you both are actively participating in the creation of this special imprint.

Make date night happen, even if it’s twice a month (though once a week would be ideal). When the day arrives, treat it like the special activity that it is. Dress up or down (and yes you can still look good dressed down). Get your smile ready. Let all the stresses of the day wash away and open yourself up to the possibility of having a wonderful experience with the person you love.

We want to hear from you.

Share with us your favorite date night memory. How do you change it up in your relationship to keep it fresh and alive? Leave us a love note below.