Are you eager to kindle a hot romance with a summer flame this summer?

Maybe you’ll meet an attractive stranger. The two of you hit it off.  And you enjoy one of the best summers of your adult life filled with long walks on the beach…sand between your toes (and other places)…hours spent staring at the stars…and dancing the night away at block parties.

Who doesn’t want a summer flame?

Care free love!

But no matter how whimsical your fantasies get, you know it won’t happen quite like that. Love stories never play out that easy, but it doesn’t mean a summer romance isn’t worth trying for.  

Every flame (summer or not) is actually an opportunity for you to learn more about yourself, to let your hair down and to live a little!

You just need to know what mistakes to avoid with your summer flame so you aren’t heartbroken. Who knows? It could turn into something that lasts a long time.    

Keep Your Summer Flame From Sizzling Out or burning too bright

Here are the top five mistakes women tend to make with their summer flame that you need to know so you don’t make them too…

#1. Getting too cozy.

I need you to stay focused. Your number one mission is to not get your heart broken! Heartbreak leads to you wasting weeks of summer feeling sorry about a situation you were never supposed to take too seriously anyway.

The best way to avoid heartbreak is by not getting too cozy—at least not right away.

But here’s the thing…most women have a hard time not doing this.

You don’t want to be cold or uninviting towards the guy. But, you don’t want to be clingy either.

#2. Thinking summer fever will last always.

When love blooms in idealistic circumstances…for example, during a pool party, on a yacht or while camping… what do you think are the chances of it lasting under the monotony of routine?

Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. Your job is to see it for what it is and look at it WITHOUT rose-colored glasses on.

#3. Opposites may attract, but do they stick?

Do you two live totally different lifestyles? If he is a free-spirited musician and you’re a 9-5 accountant, of course it feels good to have him around as a breath of fresh air. But after a while, a disconnect may happen when you go back to your regular daily life.

#4. Intense communication.

When you first fall into infatuation, it’s easy to stay on the phone for hours on end talking about everything under the sun. But once everything under the sun is done, there is a communication pattern you need to pay attention to that most women don’t recognize.

This pattern will tell you whether or not the relationship is about to end.

In fact, there is a certain way to communicate so you aren’t burned out too fast or bored with one another too soon.

#5. Expecting monogamy automatically.

Don’t try to force him or yourself into monogamy too soon. You may say you won’t do this, but if you’re not careful, jealousy will creep in.

I’m not saying he has a pass to hit on other women right in front of you. What I am saying is that you shouldn’t expect your number to be the only female number in his phone, nor should you expect him to change his relationship status on Facebook yet.

Start by watching out for Mistake #1, Getting Too Cozy, and work your way down the list. Avoiding these five mistakes will help you to have one of the best romantic summers of your adult life.