Coming up with memorable 1st date ideas can be difficult, but we all agree that going out on a first date should be a fun and enjoyable experience. But rarely do we get that.

Instead, we head into every first date skeptical from the jump with a list of questions that does very little to break the ice. “What do you do? How long have you lived here? What happened to your last relationship?” This is probably one of the worst ways to get to know someone because it ends up being more like a 1st round job interview than a first date.

Is your 1st date idea cliché?

One of the biggest problems I see is that most first dates are boring from the get go.

Sure, eating is appropriate for some part of the evening (or day), but shaking things up a lot more will make the entire experience more fun for everyone. By getting out of those stuffy situations, both of you are more likely to loosen up and be yourselves. If you want your next first date to be one you’ll truly remember, I suggest you do things a lot different.

What are you after?

What’s the purpose of your first date? Is it to fall madly in love? NO.

It’s about having no expectations and being open to the possibilities. The reality is, most first and second dates aren’t going to lead you down the aisle right away.

Ideas to Help You Loosen Up

Today I want to share with you ideas that will help the two of you get over your 1st date jitters quickly. Put bluntly, I want to help you get that stick out of your butt, so you can actually enjoy the experience.

1st Date Idea #1: Paddle boarding

If you’re looking for an absolute thrill on your first date, try paddle boarding. If you’ve never done this before, look to see if anywhere around offers lessons. Just be prepared to laugh and have a good time.

1st Date Idea #2: Wine and painting class

Not nearly as physically demanding as paddle boarding, but can be just as funa wine tasting and painting class. Who doesn’t love wine? Wine tasting is a great way to see one another’s creative side and enjoy a glass of wine together.

By the end of the night, you’re bound to see each other’s sense of humor. Who knows what beautiful (or weird) creations the two of you come up with?

1st Date Idea #3: Flying a kite

Okay, this date idea is super fun and romantic. It might also bring out the smiling, laughing kid in you again. It works great for windy days in the spring and fall. Plus, you can wear cute outfits for this outdoor activity.

1st Date Idea #4: Zip lining

If you’re up for an adrenaline rush, try out zip lining. You may feel the jitters at first, but sliding between trees while embracing the wind will totally make up for it. How many people can say that they had that kind of adventure on their first date? It beats dinner and a movie any day.

Next time someone new asks, “How about we go out for dinner?” offer up some of these fun suggestions, instead.  A memorable first date will set the precedence for a great relationship and even if it turns out to be ONLY a first date, at least the two of you can leave the date knowing that you had a great time.