You can’t overlook how much online dating has changed the way we look for love. And now that it’s become the norm, the largest group of online dating users may not shock you. Chances are you know someone who has used it, is using it or will use it.

So, exactly who uses online dating the most?

To help answer this question, we took a look at some recent statistics and the findings were interesting… It seems that Americans who’ve never been married before use dating apps and websites more than other groups. While there’s no hard and fast reason as to why, there are two reasons we can speculate:

#1: Ambitious career goals.

It seems drive and ambition to climb the ladder of success has people way too busy to date the old fashioned way. So, they turn to convenient sources like online dating sites where matches are lined up for them.

#2: Attitude of career first, family later.

This one ties directly into #1. More and more people are deciding to pursue their careers first and start a family later. After they’ve gotten to a place where their careers have taken off, they can shift their focus to finding someone special to help make their life complete. It’s not just the “never married before” crowd hanging out in the online dating world. Research showed another unlikely group of singles who use online dating—people who are divorced, separated, or widowed. Although not as large as the “never been married” before group, this segment is a growing group with no signs of slowing down.

Online Dating Doesn’t Always Mean Using A Dating App

Online Dating Users - Who Is Online the Most - Incredible Love Just because two people meet online, doesn’t necessarily mean it happened through an online dating website or app. Meeting online can include social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram. It can also mean meeting through open online forums, online courses or online gaming platforms. Basically, anywhere that attracts a large group of similar people is a great place to meet someone online.

Use The Internet As Your Very Own Private Eye

The internet not only provides you with the opportunity to meet someone you can date, but it also gives you the chance to research someone you’re already dating. Studies show that one third of internet users are using the internet to find out more information about someone they are in a relationship with. This could mean checking out photos, double checking where they live, verifying their employment and determining whether they have children or not.

News Alert!

Tinder has added background checks as a new feature. You can now run a quick background check on your matches. If you’re among online dating users, you know not everyone is looking for a serious relationship. Date with an open mind and learn about what qualities are important in your future partner. Those who are looking for a serious relationship have specific qualities they are looking for in a future partner. Knowing the #1 quality you desire in your future partner when dating online is one of the secrets to knowing who’s worth your time. What’s the #1 quality you’re looking for in a relationship? Take the quiz to find out now.