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love is our specialty

Love Is Our Specialty

There’s no coincidence why you’re here. Your search led you to find us and we are ready to help. You want love. You want to be loved. You deserve it.

“All limitations are self-imposed.”

~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

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incredible matchmaking

Incredible Matchmaking: Find Your Amazing Partner

We go beyond the surface to forge deeper connections. Love is closer than you think.

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Incredible Coaching: Live Your Best Life Now

Reach your personal potential and boost your dating confidence with a program to kickstart your love life.

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Incredible Connections: Join The Exclusive Circle

Interested in meeting one of our eligible singles? We’re accepting applications.

“We owe everything to Michelle G. She knew exactly what she was doing when she put us together. Michelle is a true matchmaker who looks out for her clients’ best interests and best wishes. Thank you for doing what you do best – helping others find exactly what they are looking for.”

~Lisa & Keith


Relationship SOS is a 7-step process that walks you through addressing key factors that contribute to a healthy relationship. The book looks at your relationship from the inside out, providing effective solutions that can revitalize any relationship. Michelle G. based the book on her real-world implementation of the process with dozens of couples.

The Relationship Plan™ is a practical method that helps couples who are struggling within their relationships to recapture their happily ever after... on their own terms. People from all walks of life are successfully applying it to their relationships every day, and in the process, they are strengthening and deepening their connections. You can, too.

Grab a copy of Michelle G’s #1 best-selling book and rescue your intimacy today.

Relationship SOS by Michelle G