Calling all single fathers out there! Are you dipping your toes into the single dad dating pool? Are you wondering how to navigate this new world of dating while co-parenting with an ex? It’s no secret that dating as a single parent, let alone a single dad, comes with a certain set of considerations—most importantly, to not freak your kids out.

Jumping into dating too quickly can create situations where those around you can get hurt unintentionally. Often the question comes up, “How Do I Know When I’m Ready to Date Again?” There’s no clear cut answer to this question as every person is in a different stage but there are some signs to look out for:

  • If your mind is constantly preoccupied with your ex and the separation/divorce, it probably means you’re not ready yet.
  • If you can’t envision your life with someone else.
  • If you are hoping that someone you meet will fill a void in your life.

There’s no magic formula as to when it’s the right time to start dating; however, be compassionate with yourself and your journey. The best way to ease into single dad dating is to be patient, set personal boundaries and be honest with all parties involved—and that does include your ex. Communication is key at all the different stages of dating.

In today’s video, Dating Expert Michelle G shares with you the different things to consider and practical tips to help you navigate the dating scene as a single dad.

Are you ready to get started?