Being single during the holidays can cause many to struggle with the blues. Going home for the holiday season can be tough—especially when you don’t have a special someone to bring with you. Inevitably, the questions, “So…anyone special in your life?” or “Why are you still single?” come up.

The secret sauce for getting through the holiday season is to take care of yourself first. Making you a priority will fill up your tank to handle any emotional rollercoaster the period may trigger. Plus, anchoring in self value will help you navigate those unavoidable questions. Remember, your worth isn’t based on whether or not you have someone to kiss underneath the mistletoe!

3 Incredible Tips If You’re Single During the Holidays

Here’s a Holiday Survival Guide for Singles with three tips to help you focus on your intentions. These ideas may just bring more happiness—and maybe even a new partner—into your life.

1. Don’t indulge in unhealthy behaviors.

single during the holidays - indulgences

From overindulgence in alcohol and sweets to binge-watching holiday rom coms that leave you feeling emotionally hungover, the temptation is real. You may be susceptible to losing the self-discipline that you have worked on throughout the rest of the year.

This time of year can also spark your curiosity on how your ex is doing. Stay strong and keep away from your ex! While it’s easy to be sentimental about the past, trying to fix a broken relationship with your ex is a bit more challenging. Just a reminder, they’re an ex for a reason.

2. Create your own fun.

single during the holidays - fun

Start your own holiday traditions and make yourself available for fun! Replace the tired company parties and tree-lighting ceremonies with unique events that suit you and your friends. If you know a lot of singles, throw a singles party and help your friends to mix, mingle and beat the holiday blues themselves.

Prefer more one-on-one time? Invite a friend to go out and try a new hobby, a fun class, or even plan a getaway. Look on the bright side… Thanks to your single status, you have the freedom to do whatever your heart desires.

3. Focus on love.

single during the holidays - self-love

Start with self-love. Why not pamper yourself? When you take good care of yourself and pursue things that bring you joy, you fill up your personal “love bank account.” You are then able to give more love to others, and the holiday season is a great time to show kindness to everyone in your life. Give back by volunteering. There are plenty of people who could use your help, and you will lift your spirits and theirs.

Say “yes” to every party you are invited to, so you can meet people and form loving connections. Try to connect with everyone—whether romantically or platonically. If you are ready to meet a significant other, start online dating. Dating during this time of the year can be stressful, so keep an open mind and lose the expectations. On the plus side, dating sites report an increase in members during this period, so the odds are in your favor.

Incredible Holiday Season for Singles

By staying healthy, having fun, and focusing on love, you create the most favorable conditions to survive and thrive while you’re single during the holidays. If anyone questions your single status, let them know that you are enjoying your solo time while it lasts. You will be surprised what a positive state of mind can attract into your life.

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