Date night shouldn’t be the only time when you and your partner bond, this should be happening on a constant basis to keep your relationship healthy and vibrant.  

One of the best ways you both can dedicate time to your relationship is by making dinner together at least once a week. 

Couples who cook together…

#1 Communicate and learn from each other.  

Imagine being in a kitchen where no one says anything to each other, nothing would get done! Cooking opens the door for communication on different topics such as present events, future events, or something you may have seen or remembered that you wanted to share with your partner.  It is also a time where both of you are working together to make a meal which makes you conscious of what you are both consuming.  As always, two heads work better than one.

#2 Share laughter and advice.  

Thank god for colors because if not the world would be a dull and depressing place.  The same principle applies to your relationship.  Think back to a time when you may have been cooking or helping a friend, you were talking or gossiping about experiences or memories. How many times did you laugh? How many times did you ask for this friend’s thoughts and outlook? This same experience can be re-created in your relationship by sharing the kitchen.

#3 Appreciate one another.  

Actions speak louder than words. There is no I in team.  These are both phrases most of us have heard and resonate with.  Each partner has their strengths and weaknesses which can be seen in different situations but the importance to take away is the act of kindness and support your partner shows in those situations.  Appreciating one another opens the gateway for communication to flow constantly in your relationship.

Cooking together sprinkles in these key ingredients to your relationship.

It doesn’t leave room for either partner to feel that they have more responsibility than the other or that they are fulfilling a duty. Sharing the kitchen creates a bonding experience and an environment that stimulates creativity and fun!   

Time is one of the ingredients we can’t get any more of and we all get the same amount of it.  It is important to remember that time is taken away just as easily as it is available so it is important to value each minute.