“I’m sorry”, “Let’s make up” and “I truly love you” are a few of the normal things you hear after a couple has fought and are making up. On the other hand, if you’re hearing (or saying) less of those things and dishing out more blame, or worse – the silent treatment, it’s time to do an emergency check-in on where your relationship is headed. Before you know it, you may be ready to cheat on your partner, if you aren’t already considering it.

Is it too late?

If you’re past salvaging your current relationship and have already cheated, use this as a guide for your next relationship.

In a relationship, the chemistry between you and your partner is an ongoing process, an evolution, so to speak. You will never be able to say that you know everything there is to know about that person, and they won’t be able to say that about you either. As the chemistry between the two of you changes, so will the way you two interact with each other. Plus, life can throw in a lot of changes, and if you’re not careful, you and your partner will be in two different places on everything.

How to know when “cheat creep” is seeping in…

  • Your fights are longer
  • You disagree more often
  • Your words become extremely offensive
  • You no longer care about the other one’s opinion

That’s why couples should be proactive about their relationship, because once the mishaps mentioned above start to happen, infidelity isn’t too far behind.

10 Signs You’re on the Path to Cheat

10 Signs You May Be Getting Ready To Cheat - Incredible Love

To help you really get a clear picture of your level of risk, here are 10 signs to watch out for that indicate you’re ready to cheat.

  1. You can’t remember why you even started the relationship anyway. This indicates your level of disconnect from your partner and is a sign that the sacredness of the relationship is nearly lost
  2. You can’t remember what you saw in the person. If you feel this way about your partner, you’re probably giving off signs that you don’t appreciate them as a person anymore. When you feel this way, someone else will easily look more appealing.
  3. If you have older children and you don’t know what to do with each other without them around. This is a sign that you don’t know each other very well anymore and should get comfortable learning each other again.
  4. You start throwing around the word “divorce” more in an argument, just to hurt the other one. Be careful with this one. The first few times you may just say it in order to get a reaction. Say it too much, and you become convinced that it’s the only answer.
  5. You wake up angry as soon as you see the person. By this point, you’ve clearly built up toxic resentment. They look like your total enemy at this point.
  6. You don’t do anything together, nor do you make an effort to do so. This is a sign that you don’t see the person as someone worthy of your time.
  7. You wake up feeling bored with life and they’re the reason for it.
  8. You start becoming emotionally unavailable and complacent.
  9. If only boyfriend and girlfriend, you once talked about moving in together, but it doesn’t come up anymore. >
  10. You were once talking about marriage, but it doesn’t come up anymore.

Catching these problems and addressing them head on in a couple’s coaching session such as Reignite Love can salvage the love that’s gotten lost in there somewhere. Otherwise, it’s probably best to just dissolve the relationship.

To cheat or salvage…

How do you know if your troubled relationship is worth saving or not? Most times your heart will tell you.

You can also ask yourself…

  • Am I willing to invest further into this relationship?
  • Is my partner willing to do the work?
  • If I knew my partner was willing, would I change my mind?
  • Am I willing to help my partner do the work?
  • Am I willing to get someone else involved who will guide us?
  • Am I willing to even see what someone else has to say?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then there’s hope.

Now, it’s your turn to share. Have you experienced anything mentioned above? Do you see yourself on the verge of cheating? Before making decision or acting out of hurt and resentment, consider if love coaching can help you get your relationship back on track.

Let me know; your feelings are safe here.